I have created this website as a concise resource for educators, students and the general population who are interested in learning about the American Southwest--the culture, community and the achievements of the people who populated this region from ancient times to present day. Current topics include: immigration, bilingual education and Latinos and education.


My book, The American Southwest: Pride~Prejudice~Perseverance provides more in-depth content, visual support and documentation for the abovementioned as well as several topics not included in this website.  The American Southwest is the product of countless hours of research and editing to present readers with an accurate and unbiased historical account of the American Southwest.

All quotations are taken from The American Southwest: Pride~Prejudice~Perseverance unless otherwise noted on the website or in the book.


This website and my book are dedicated to "All the brave souls who came before us and in whose footsteps we follow--and to those yet to come."


Si Se Puede!


 Paulina Rael Jaramillo



Saguaro, AZ

El Morro National Monument, NM

Taos Pueblo, NM

White Sands, NM

Grand Canyon, AZ

Alamo, TX

Old Mission Santa Barbara,CA

The American Southwest—

A colorful and culturally rich tapestry

woven with the various dialects, customs, cultures and architecture

of the people who have dwelt in it for thousands of years.

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