Life Interrupted

Do you feel like your world is spinning in circles

going nowhere?

Are you consumed with the questions—

How will I get my life back?

Can this happen again?

When nighttime comes do you breathe a deep sigh of relief, thankful for a few hours of oblivion only to wake up and start the cycle all over again? Yet deep inside you know there is more to life than simply existing from one day to the next.


Life Resumed


Tragedy and disasters create enormous disruption, panic and dismay. Not only has your normal routine been shattered, the aftermath of the catastrophe, whether it’s a flood, a fire or a pandemic, needs to be contained and redirected.


The first step toward reclaiming your life is to realize that while you may feel uncertain and insecure--you are not powerless. Every action begins with a thought which in turn leads to a decision.


Healing from loss is no different. In fact, your journey begins with your decision to reclaim your life—and your God-given right to live it more abundantly.

My books were written as a result of my own experiences with loss and healing due to multiple deaths in my family in a short span of time. I sincerely hope that my personal struggle with grief—including the setbacks, regrouping and eventual triumph will provide hope and encouragement for those who are taking their first tentative steps toward healing.

grief Recovery book
Grief Recovery Book

Life Interrupted:

Grief Recovery Guide and Workbook

A Time to Heal

A Time to Heal and Life Interrupted: Grief Recovery Guide and Workbook contain clear and concise guidelines and prompts for the reader to reflect and respond to as part of the healing journey. Various emotions, ranging from fear to guilt to depression are closely examined.

The “Letting Go” pages empowers you to release destructive emotions connected to the past in order to move forward.

The last section focuses on:

  • Living in the present

  • Discovering your passion

  • Planning for your future.

NOTE: Life Interrupted contains an additional section with recommendations for helping family and friends (including children) deal with their loss and embrace the future with faith and hope.

Life Resumed cover 3-2022 KINDLE-REVISED.jpg

Life Resumed

Is an interactive book that empowers the reader to reclaim their life. It provides step-by-step guidance on how to move past the anguish and embrace the future with strength and confidence.

Two sections are devoted to helping children understand their fears, with tools for parents/caregivers to address their anxieties, guidelines to initiate conversation and warning signs to determine if professional counseling is needed.

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