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Free Articles by Paulina

Below Are Some of My Published Articles on Various Grief Recovery Topics That May Assist you on Your Healing Journey.


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grief recovery

                                         The Story Behind the Books

The decision to write my grief recovery books, A Time to Heal, Life Interrupted and Life Resumed came about as a result of several deaths in our extended family. Three family members (mom, step-dad and sister-in-law) passed away within a ten-month period! Since then we’ve lost nine others including three siblings in a 1-year period (2019-2020). 


I was fortunate to be by my mother's bedside and able to hold her in my arms when she died. My voice and my arms were the last earthly contact she had before receiving her spiritual body and entering into God’s presence. Although I did not hear divine music or see angelic beings, I nevertheless felt His presence sustaining me. Despite the sadness for the things left unsaid or the actions not taken, I knew she was at the feet of God…beyond all earthly needs and desires.

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