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The American Southwest


The American Southwest—

A colorful and culturally rich tapestry 

woven with the various dialects, customs,

cultures and architecture

of the people who have dwelt in it

for thousands of years.

Graciano Gomez
Purchased a book
for every
6th grade student!
Principal Recomended

Section One: provides an overview of the early inhabitants.

Sections Two and Three: focus on the struggles, triumphs and contributions of Mexican Americans in the Southwest.

Section Four: looks at the Latino immigration issue (past/present) and poses questions and challenges.

Section Five: examines the participation of Latinos in education and the attainment gap.


This well-researched book contains maps, graphs and a glossary and appeals to educators, students and the general public.

ISBN-13: 9781451558593

Revised Copy Published: 3/12/2012 

Go to: for a comprehensive overview of each section of the book

$16.00 (shipping & handling included)

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"This compact book provides a different sort of service in laying out the whole history in summary form so that it can be seen and understood in an instant. It promises almost immediate enlightenment to those who know nothing of the subject, and a bracing refresher course to those who might already be well-informed."

John Howard Weeks

Author & Speaker


"I have enjoyed reading the book as it is broad in scope in the beginning and filters down nicely to the issues at hand in the present day. It leaves me with a desire to know more about the incredible people who shaped the southwest and where we are headed. "


Michael J. Ronstadt,

Songwriter & Musician

"Paulina Jaramillo presents a concise, lively, and readable account of the history of the American Southwest as she traces the development of this rich and culturally diverse region, from its first inhabitants, whose imprint is still felt, up to the present. She weaves a compelling tale of triumphs, setbacks, and disappointments that Latinos in the Southwest have experienced as they fought for civil rights and equality. Though confronted with discrimination and other injustices, she shows, Latinos pushed forward and made the best of circumstances, relying on family, faith, and community for support and inspiration. She concludes with a chapter on Latino education, offering statistics and commentary on the achievement gap that exists.      

The American Southwest: Pride~Prejudice~ Perseverance is an excellent resource for those who seek a better understanding of the historical events that shaped the regions cultures, communities, and peoples."

Tom M. Rivera, Ed.D., Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies
California State University, San Bernardino

"The American Southwest: Pride~Prejudice~Perseverance" highlights social-historical, sociological and political updates on the spectrum of issues related to Latinos and is a good resource. The organization of the book includes some of the characteristics of the diverse target group and important topics."

Olga Rubio, Ph.D., College of Education
California State University, Long Beach



"I read your book, The American Southwest: Pride~ Prejudice~Perseverance with great interest. The subject is important to me. I thought it was very well written and researched. Many of your sources were familiar to me." 


Jacquie Unitt, Riverside Metropolitan Museum 



"The American Southwest: Pride~Prejudice~ Perseverance brilliantly captures the struggles, triumphs and contributions of Latinos in the Southwest, looks at the Latino immigration issue (past and present), and the participation of Latinos in education as well as anti-immigration sentiments over four decades and the impacts on society.  


The book is an easy read and includes excellent data and graphs to help the reader put things in perspective and into a time sequence. It is written to inform and provide great insight into a piece of history that isn’t captured in other books, yet is so essential in understanding of how America was built.I believe that this book achieved its goal and much more. I would definitely recommend this book as it provides much history and information that may not be readily known. This is a great resource book to have."


Corina Martinez Chaudhry, CEO of 




"Citizens of the United States today are facing a difficult question. What controls does the USA need to have on immigration to best promote the well being of the country, and at the same time, the well being of the people who wish to be a part of it? In order to arrive at a well thought out perspective on this issue, one needs a background in the history of the Southwest.


The American Southwest: Pride~Prejudice~ Perseverance, provides an overview from Native American times, through settlement by Spanish explorers, its history under Mexico, (and) the eventual acquisition of the territory by the United States. The last two chapters cover the immigration question and issues in regard to Latinos and education. This is a good book for a person who wants to learn the history of the Southwest or wants to explore the Southwest immigration issue."


Randy Strickland, M.A.

Social Worker Supervisor



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