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In 2022, “Life Resumed” won the Finalist Award in the Christian-living category sponsored by the Reader’s Favorite international award contest.
Life Resumed cover 3-2022 KINDLE-REVISED.jpg

Paperback: 253 pages

Publisher: PRJ Publishers (April 2022)

ISBN-10: 0578678748

ISBN-13: 978-0578678740

Product Dimensions: 7 x 0.6 x 10 inches

Life Resumed

The rise in mental health illness is at an all-time high due to the current pandemic and economic crisis. Chemical abuse, suicide and crime have doubled and, in some cases tripled, compared to the pre-COVID era.

Life Resumed has received excellent reviews from mental health care professionals as a compelling faith-based book that empowers the reader to reclaim their life by providing:

  • Skills to help readers move from being immobilized to creating a plan.

  • Commentaries and prompts to help readers respond to and process emotions.

  • Tools for parents/caregivers to address their own and their children’s anxieties.

  • Guidelines to initiate and direct meaningful conversation.

  • A list of warning signs to determine if professional counseling is needed.

  • An entire section devoted to helping readers move forward through self-discovery.

  • A study guide for personal insight or group discussion.


Also addressed in the book are losses we face on a daily basis including bereavement, divorce, unemployment, etc., and where most books on grieving end, Life Resumed continues with a section titled Life Regained that enables the reader to:

  • Live in the Present

  • Discover their Passion

  • Plan for the Future

  • Help others (including children)

The author is well acquainted with devastating pain and loss as well as the joy that healing brings. God, always present in her life, became her anchor through her personal experiences with various tragedies including the recent loss of three siblings in one year.

Paulina has a master's degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. She has worked with youth and families in various capacities including crisis intervention. She currently conducts "Healing from Loss" workshops and shares her story on a variety of platforms by way of offering hope and encouragement.

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Pertinent. Extremely helpful. Encourages hope/strength while promoting solutions if approached honestly & prayerfully. Wish I read it sooner. —Teddy R.


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