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The Littlest Chef: Fun and Healthy Recipes for Children




The Littlest Chef contains fun and easy recipes for healthy meals ranging from beverage and breakfast to dinner and dessert. It also contains interesting food facts, a list of natural sweeteners (with brief explanations) and food jokes to keep children’s interest. Included also is a list of spices and seasonings in English and Spanish and a glossary explaining cooking terms. The recipes that require adult supervision are indicated with a chef's hat on the top right corner. 


The Littlest Chef is a family effort. My granddaughters (ages 9 and 10) chose their favorite recipes and drew the artwork, my daughter formatted the book and I contributed the recipes and completed the editing.

ISBN-13: 978-1505587791

Publ Date: 5/16/2015



Cooking is a fun way for kids to:

  • Practice their math

  • Improve reading ability  

  • Develop gross and fine motor skills

Also Teaches Children About:

  • Nutrition

  • Food combinations

  • How to follow directions

$16.00(includes shipping & handling)

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Customer Reviews:


"Love this book! The recipes are basic enough for kids and fun to make. Very educational and intuitive. Great for kids to learn from. Teaches them about the food groups and healthy eating habits. A wonderful book for a youngsters first cookbook."  Leah L.


"I love this children healthy recipe book! It's so easy and fun to read and so easy to make. My kids love the no-bake peanut butter oats squares and I can't believe it only needs 3 ingredients. Great book!" Keycee C.




I loved the recipes! This book is full of surprises such as jokes, fun facts, creative art, etc. I recommended it to all families! I will be ordering this as a Christmas gift for sure! Cecila B.


"This sweet little cookbook is full of fun ideas for kids to try cooking. The recipes are easy enough that my 9 yr old could do most of them herself. i would also use this book with my preschool age kiddos that I teach. It would be a fun addition to my unit of healthy eating and cooking. The little notes and jokes are fun and add to the interest in the book. I learned a few thinks I didn't know! My Emily can't wait to try more of the recipes."  Amanda W.



"My grandkids take such delight in being chefs, and I have facilitated that with gifts to them of “The Littlest Chef” cookbook. They love devouring what they have cooked, and their parents appreciate that the recipes call for healthy ingredients. Helpful explanations of cooking terms and measurements are included, along with interesting “Did You Know?” sections. Bravo! Paulina."   Marge E.


Graciano Gomez Elementary 
Purchased one book for every 6th grade
Teacher Approved!
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