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For more information, to schedule or register for a Healing From Loss Workshop go to:


Healing From Loss Workshops

Situations that may cause grieving can include:

  • Unemployment

  • Foreclosure

  • Bereavement

  • Health issues

  • Divorce/Relationship break-up


Workshops & books are designed to:

  • Help you identify and own behavior and emotions that are often present as a result of a loss or crisis.

  • Help you examine the source and nature of your feelings in order to release them.

  • Help you let go of the past and connect with a richer and more fulfilling life in the present.

  • Help you to move forward by connecting to God, your own strength and enlisting help from other sources.

  • Help you discover your passion and set new goals.






"I had a huge loss, my husband was killled by a drunk driver.  I felt very comforted through my experience at Paulina's workshops.  She presented material that both allowed emotional expression and thoughtful meditation on the grief experience.  She is very nurturing and realistic in her approach to grief. Her workshops are Christ centered, providing tools to help a person move through the grief process and achieve the ability to go on in life without the one you love. Paulina really helped me a lot and I highly recommend her workshops for healing during grief." Lisa G.



“It was a healing experience for me as I was going through a bad time. I’ll always remember your calm and caring voice explaining the process.”  Anita.A.



"Very enjoyable, good material, very complete. Many things that are helpful for life in general." Karla H.



"I found the workshop extremely helpful. It moved me from unbearable grief to acceptance even though I have my moments of grief I can handle them using the tools I learned from this workshop." Cynthia G.

Topics covered in the workshops and books:

  • Denial

  • Fear

  • Anger

  • Hurt

  • Guilt

  • Depression

  • Letting go

  • Saying farewell

  • Living in the Present

  • Discovering Your Passion

  • Planning for the Future

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